Weird Sign

Found an unusual bum sign in Downtown Denver.

weird hobo sign

I Took this image 2023-06-21T08:42:55-0700. It was in the alley between Wynkoop and Wazee streets, on the 18th Street end.

It was propped up as shown so that pedestrians walking SE on 18th street could see it.

It’s a tri-fold arrangement, rare for bum signs. The author was apparently trying to educate passers by with their idea of civics. This is really rare. Most cardboard signs are used for begging.

I have seen politically-oriented informal signs in the past, a “Thank you, Doug Bruce” campaign of xeroxed single 8.5x11 sheets appeared in downtown Denver around 2003. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an attempt at public education in the past.

The left panel reads:

Without Law freedom isn’t possible.

Law ensures freedom. Law is to protect the people from unfairness in and out of politics.

The center panel:

The Creation of “Declaration of Independence” and “Bill of Rights” Started historically to protect the general public of a nation (country) (general public - normally not affiliated w/ gov.) To protect the general public from abuse and misuse of political power. When a verbal constitution was never upheld 13 colonies wrote the United States Constitution with the Bill of Rights.

The right hand panel:

“We the People, in order to form a more perfect union establish Justice, promote the general welfare provide for the common defense for us and our posterity.”

There’s something Qanon about this sign. Maybe it’s the “we the people”, which Qanon and MAGA have unfortunately co-opted, because of course they’re the only people that matter.

The three assertions in the left hand panel seem specious.

  • Without Law freedom isn’t possible.
  • Law ensures freedom
  • Law is to protect the people from unfairness in and out of politics.

Laws absolutely constrain people from acting freely. Laws prohibit theft and murder. so the first assertion is false.

Laws can definitely put the weight of the state towards constraining freedom. We don’t get to drive however we desire, and laws very definitely prohibit driving as fast as you please.

As far as law protecting from unfairness in politics, the US constitution originally including allowing owning people. I can’t imagine a less fair situation.

The left hand panel makes false assertions.