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Well Digging

Bruce Ediger

When I was maybe 11, some folks bought the hillside north of my parents’ house. The head of this new household, named Monte, had a 1940s bulldozer. He carved out the hillside to create a flat zone, maybe half an acre, for their house.

As part of putting in a dwelling, Monte and some friends and/or relatives dug a well in that flat zone.

How I learned about Bob Marley

Bruce Ediger

I grew up in Kirksville, Missouri, the largest town within an 88 mile radius. Had to go to Hannibal, or Quincy or Columbia to get to a larger town.

But I’ve also had a life-long love of Bob Marley’s reggae music.

Zip-it/Hair Snake

Bruce Ediger

I usually dislike single-purpose tools. Single-purpose tools are either for tradesmen who do the same task repetitively, or they’re appliances that can’t be used in any other fashion.

One exception to this is the plastic hair-clog drain cleaner. It’s only useful on drains that have clogs of hair or other fibrous material, and you must have one in your abode, unless you and everyone who showers there is bald.

Nameless here for evermore

Bruce Ediger

Have you ever tried to reproduce some text that contains a typo? That is, you try to type in some text that contains mistakes, for purposes of mocking whoever produced the original, mistake-laden rubbish?

You know how hard that is?


Bruce Ediger

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I read George Orwell’s 1984 sometime during “Junior High”, which in the 1970s was what we now call “middle school”. My district, Adair County R-III, had grades 7, 8 and 9 in their own building.

The school library had a copy of 1984. I was busy reading a lot my 7th and 8th grade years, so I read it.