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Well Digging

Bruce Ediger

When I was maybe 11, some folks bought the hillside north of my parents’ house. The head of this new household, named Monte, had a 1940s bulldozer. He carved out the hillside to create a flat zone, maybe half an acre, for their house.

As part of putting in a dwelling, Monte and some friends and/or relatives dug a well in that flat zone.

How I learned about Bob Marley

Bruce Ediger

I grew up in Kirksville, Missouri, the largest town within an 88 mile radius. Had to go to Hannibal, or Quincy or Columbia to get to a larger town.

But I’ve also had a life-long love of Bob Marley’s reggae music.

Ordovician Extinction

Bruce Ediger

The End Ordovician Extinction seems weird to paleontologists. There’s a lot of agreement on the earth cooling at the end of the Ordovician, right up to evidence of major glaciation and a harsh ice age, but there are serious suggestions that will boggle your mind.


Bruce Ediger

Dakosaurus reconstruction

Thalattosuchians are an under-rated clade of mesozoic animals. Part of Pseudosuchia, the crocodile-like archosaurs, they were completely adapted to a marine lifestyle.

Eyes Without A Face

Bruce Ediger

Outside magazine, maybe in 1981 or 1982, ran an editorial saying that GPS systems would soon be cheap enough to be in the hands of the average outdoors person/backpacker, and how would this change the outdoors experience?

The Raven

Bruce Ediger

I heartily recommend Edgar Allen Poe’s poem The Raven. For a long time, I told anyone who listened that it was the only good poem. I would quote pieces of it to them.