software engineering

Daily Coding Problem

Bruce Ediger

There’s at least two things that one might conflate under the “Daily Coding Problem” rubric:

They’re related, as the book is a byproduct of the success of the email list. Both are deficient, but for different reasons

Self Relocating Program

Bruce Ediger

Once upon a time, I wrote a reasonably-strict-C89 C language program that “relocates” a function in memory and then runs it. That relocated function can relocate itself again, and run that copy, and so on and so forth.

Github repo for this program

A Golang Enabled Pattern

Bruce Ediger

The Go programming language has a unique, built-in concurrency model that can make some processing much easier.

Have one goroutine do some (probably recursive) work. It puts results on a channel. The main goroutine reads results from the channel and possibly does some filtering on those results, like output unique values.