Ordovician Extinction

Bruce Ediger

The End Ordovician Extinction seems weird to paleontologists. There’s a lot of agreement on the earth cooling at the end of the Ordovician, right up to evidence of major glaciation and a harsh ice age, but there are serious suggestions that will boggle your mind.


Bruce Ediger

Dakosaurus reconstruction

Thalattosuchians are an under-rated clade of mesozoic animals. Part of Pseudosuchia, the crocodile-like archosaurs, they were completely adapted to a marine lifestyle.

Tate Geological Museum

Bruce Ediger

A Museum You Should Visit

If you happen to be in Casper, Wyoming, you should visit Tate Geological Museum. It’s a small, but very well done geology and paleontology museum. There’s interesting things for most family members, even well-informed 4-year-olds could have fun and learn things.