Wordle May 30, 2023

Wordle 710 grid

I haven’t used my free Wordlebot analyses this month. Here’s what Wordlebot says about my 4th guess:

wordlebot 710 analysis

The Wordlebot screenshot is visually dim for the first 3 guesses, but here’s a regular expression search for what dictionary words could fit after my first 3 guesses:

set -eou pipefail

grep '^.....$' /usr/share/dict/words |
tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]' |
grep '^[^crapisdoy][^crapisdoye][^crapisdoyn]e[^crapisdoyen]' | 
grep n

Looks like Wordlebot is correct: only “unmet” and “kneel” would fit after my third guess.

I’m never happy with how I write a regular expression that demands a yellow letter in an unspecified position (that’s the trailing grep n above). Without piping the potential solutions through the trailing grep n, I get 9 possible dictionary solutions. Once again, yellow letters do matter, I’m just offended aesthetically.