Wordle Dec 28, 2022

Wordle 557 grid

I was stumped after my second guess of today’s (Dec 28, 2022) Wordle:

Wordle 557 screen shot

I would assume that knowing 4 of the 5 letters in the Wordle answer, along with some hints (’e’ in 4 position, ’l’, ‘i’, ’m’ not in certain positions) would make the final guess easy. It did not.

I used this small Linux program to try to find possible answers:

set -eou pipefail

grep '^.....$' /usr/share/dict/words |
tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]' |
grep '^[^cransl][^cransi][^cransm]e[^cranse]$' |
grep i | grep l |  grep m

As fate would have it, the program gives one answer, the correct answer. Wordle’s yellow letters continue to cause me problems. I believe this is mainly due to the mental gymnastics of “not”. A yellow-background letter indicates that letter appears in the answer, just not in the location you’ve guessed. I think this may be an actual limitation in my brain’s information processing mechanism.