Understanding Star Trek The Next Generation

Capt Picard

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I’ve heard wise people say that there are only two plots for episodes of “Star Trek - The Next Generation”

  1. Data Saves the Crew
  2. The Crew Saves Data

Well, here’s a whole new take, orthogonal to that: ST-TNG is the Smurfs.

This Smurfs take is so orthogonal to any other understanding of ST-TNG that I find it analgous to doing 4-D “plane geometry”.

There’s two normals to any given plane if you do 4-D geometry.

If you’ve got W,X,Y,Z axes, all normal to one another, then you’ve got 6 planes defined by those 4 axes:

  • XY - W, Z axes normal
  • XZ - W, Y axes normal
  • YZ - W, X axes normal
  • XW - Y, Z axes normal
  • WY - X, Z axes normal
  • WZ - X, Y axes normal

Each axis helps define 3 planes, and is normal to the other 3 planes in 4-space.

That’s how odd the “ST-TNG is The Smurfs” take is. It’s like the second orthogonal vector in 4-space.