Truck on a truck

About May 30, 2024, I was driving on I-25, southbound, south of Loveland. I passed by a flatbed truck with a yellow, plastic dump truck strapped to the flatbed.

plastic toy truck on a flatbed truck

In June, 2024, I passed probably the same flatbed. This time it had a toy excavator strapped to it. Either the truck driver has a sense of humor, or possibly the trucking company puts a small model of what the flatbed is to be loaded with on it to avoid mistakes.

In May, I thought seeing a toy dump truck strapped to an 18-wheeler was odd. At great risk to life and limb, I took a number of pictures of it with my Google Pixel 6 phone.

Google thoughtfully combined the pictures I took into a nightmarish pastiche.

google AI generated collage image

You can see the yellow toy dump truck three times in the pastiche. On the left of the photo, probably derived from the first image I made, the flatbed is farthest away. The middle appearance of the toy dump truck is probably from the second image I took, but Google made the flatbed trailer into something towed by a pickup truck, which appeared in the first image I took. The third, right hand, appearance of the toy dump truck probably derives from the final image I took.

Google’s picture-stitching AI almost gets it right: pickups often tow a trailer of some sort. But it’s just wrong enough to make you flinch.

I have to wonder if the picture-stitcher has been influenced by Cubism. Clearly the picture-stitcher has analyzed, broken up, and reassembled my images of everyday transport in an abstract form. Instead of depicting the dump truck from a single perspective, the picture-stitcher combined images to allow us to view the subject from multiple perspectives, representing the dump truck in a greater context