The Raven

I heartily recommend Edgar Allen Poe’s poem The Raven. For a long time, I told anyone who listened that it was the only good poem. I would quote pieces of it to them.

Poe was a weirdo, so you should listen to a weirdo read The Raven

Here’s SoundCloud link to Christopher Lee reading The Raven, but he’s also on YouTube with the same reading.

Christopher Walken read The Raven aloud, and it appears on YouTube in several places.

I don’t know if Arron Quinn is a weirdo, but he has animations of Lenore and The Raven which make a surprising pair of gloomy and creepy cartoons. Worth a watch some Halloween, or maybe on Candlemas, after reading The Dunwich Horror.

I listened to The Raven a large number of times October of 2019. I don’t recommend this. It is a very creepy poem, and repeated hearings threw me into a depressive spiral.

Listen to it once or twice on Halloween, and savor it.