Slylock Fox Blink Comparator

I cannot emphasize how much I love Josh Fruhlinger’s Comics Curmudgeon blog.

I would go so far as to say I’m now a Slylock Fox fan because of what Josh Fruhlinger writes about the strips. Josh usually finds some meta thing to comment on Slylock Fox strips, the March 23, 2024 Slylock is no exception. You should go read his commentary.

Slylock Fox for 2024-03-24

I often laugh more at Frulinger’s commentary, and the discussion from his devoted readers, than I do at the funnies themselves. I did not laugh at this Slylock, even though I laughed at Fruhlinger’s insights. In fact, even after reading Bob Weber’s hint, I could not figure out which of the 3 panels was the odd one out. So I made another blink comparator to verify. After all, Weber’s conclusions are sometimes off, or at least suffer from a non-standard interpretation.

blink 3 panels of 2024-03-23 Slylock Fox strip

That is one subtle difference.