Six Differences

Slylock Fox is one of those bogus “kid’s fun” things that appear in the Sunday Funnies. Slylock is kind of dumb, but it’s better than Uncle Art’s Funland, which is basically a store-brand Sunday funnies strip.

Josh Fruhlinger, the Comics Curmudgeon, has invented a fan theory to explain why Slylock Fox is bipedal, capable of speech and logical thought, and deals with a mixed human/animal society.

During the week, Slylock Fox will often feature “Six Differences” panels:

Slylock Fox, 2023-08-25

I took the liberty of making a “blink comparator” of the two panels to illustrate how tiny the differences are sometimes.

Six differences blink comparison

Even with the comparator, I had trouble discerning that the cat’s paw appears and disappears.