Sardine, Denizen of Downtown Denver

I’ve found graffiti evidence of “Sardine”, a denizen of downtown Denver, probably homeless.

First, an image taken August 23, 2023, some graffiti in a storm drain, on the “Milk Market” corner of 18th Street and Wazee Street.

graffiti in a storm drain that says “SARDINE JAZMAN”

Back in August of ‘23, it wasn’t clear to me if the graffiti should be read “SARDINE JAZMAN”, or as two tags, “SARDINE” and “JAZMAN”. This next image makes that a little clearer.

Second, evidence of bodily functions, an image from June 6, 2024, in the alley parallel to and between Blake and Wazee streets, closer to 18th than 17th Street.

graffiti on a down pipe that says “SARDINE PISSED HERE”

I think the first, storm sewer, image contains two tags, one for SARDINE and one for JAZMAN. I captured these images ten months apart. Do they represent evidence of the same Real Human styling him or herself Sardine?

Sardine signature, sticker on a downpipe

storm drain Sardine signature close-up

I think these close-ups make it clear that one person tagged both storm drain and downpipe. The S, D, I and e are all consistent. Both tags bear the same capitalization, all caps except for e.