10 lessons from Napoleon about 10 lessons from Napoleon

I keep noticing articles or posts with titles like “N lessons from Napoleon on X”, where N is usually 10, and X has values of “productivity”, “life”, “career”, “management”, vague things like that.

I was so inspired by seeing these valuable lessons, that I wrote Career and life lessons from meatloaf as an homage.

Here’s 10 “Lessons from Napoleon” posts to prove that taking lessons from meatloaf isn’t all that odd.

Values of N are 5, 7, 11, 15 and 34. Apparently 10 lessons from some historical figure are out of fashion these days.

I have a big problem with this category of article: it’s crap. Napoleon didn’t care about productivity, or self help or multitasking. He probably didn’t even know those concepts. All of the above articles are just a modern reading of a historical figure’s life, with a thin veneer of wishful thinking.