Mists of Time

That’s me and my maternal grandfather, George Duerksen (August 23, 1902 - January 11, 1989).

Bruce and George Duerksen

Behind us in the photo is the house my mom grew up in. It was built by my grandmother Tillie’s parents, Abraham and Maria Boese, about when my grandmother was in first grade. My mom says part of it is from an even older house. George and Tillie lived there until 1966.

My grandmother probably took that picture. She used a Kodak Brownie No.2, model F camera her entire life.

Kodak Brownie No. 2, Model F

Her brother-in-law, Simon Schmidt, was a professional photographer. He wound film and developed it for her the last 15-20 years of her life.

My mom reminded me that George had been a great horseman in his day. His last pair of workhorses, Mike and Molly, were still out to pasture when my mom was a little girl. I guess George couldn’t bear to sell them.

George is 62 years old in that picture, the same age I am today, August 27, 2023. I don’t know how to feel about that.