Machine Is Not Broken

Had to go to Air Care Colorado to get my car emissions checked. The experience was jarringly sloppy.

I got to Air Care Colorado in Greeley at about 8:15am. This is the gatekeeper machine. I’m told it’s not broken.

busted gatekeeper machine

This was a confusing sight. My initial impression was the gate is busted, what do I do now? The machine itself had a black trash bag duct-taped over its top. The machine controls a swing-arm gate entrance to Air Care’s entrance maze. The swing-arm had a rag tied to it.

I did pull forward, so that I could see this even less enlightening sight:

busted gatekeeper machine face

Nice work. It has a scratched into a restroom stall with a quarter by a psychopath vibe.

It says “Pusk then Pul the Tickei”.

No wait, “Push then Pull the Ticket”.

What does the psychopath with a quarter want me to push?

The waiting room was equipped with an overflowing trash can (at 8:15AM), and dirty chairs with cracked pleather upholstery exposing worn brown foam rubber.

One of the mysterious, blue-grey cabinets that have many small pipes and hoses connected to them was open, revealing more mysterious small pipes and hoses and a few pressure gauges.

There was a big sign in the waiting room explaining how to write out checks to “A.C.C.”, but no pen and no flat surfaces on which to perch a checkbook. I ended up writing my check on the little counter next to a grubby keyboard and monitor that shows you testing results, I borrowed the attendant’s pen.

The whole facility had the ambiance of an abandoned garage that street people sleep in.