Knowledge Fight Podcast

Red Alert…
Red Alert, Red Alert!

I recommend listening to a few episodes of the Knowledge Fight Podcast.

You will learn more than you ever wanted to know about infamous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and maybe have a little fun.

You should at least listen to the beginning of one episode to hear the theme song, composed of various Alex Jones’ utterances, and a caller to Jones’ Info Wars show who identifies as Andy, From Kansas

DJ Danarchy’s podcast theme explained. Albeit not well.

There’s a Knowledge Fight subreddit for discussion.

The podcast consists mainly of two Chicago-area stand-up comedians, Dan Friesen and Jordan Holmes examining an episode of Alex Jones’ Info Wars show. I’m not super clear on where you can watch/listen to Info Wars, and I think Alex Jones is more lying dumbass than hilarious, so I’m not going to put in any effort to finding out how to consume Info Wars or link to it.

Jordan and Dan examine Alex Jones’ claims and behavior in minute detail. Dan is kind of a Harvey Pekar style, working class intellectual. Dan presents carefully researched dissections of Jones’ behavior. Jordan is more of the “color commentator” of the show, reacting to Jones’ foolishness and generally shitty behavior with an emotional slant. Dan has some kind of advanced education. At times, he’s claimed to have training in symbolic logic, so could be math or philosophy. Jordan apparently grew up in some kind of cult, and if you listen closely, you can hear a few references to that.

What I find amusing is not that Jordan and Dan can so easily debunk each and every one of Jones’ claims, but rather that they can point out that Jones almost certainly behaves poorly in public, so it’s not the New World Order Globalists that causes people to act as they do around Jones, but rather Jones behaving as a jerk. Almost every episode will give you a master class in the fine points of rhetoric, street fighting logic, and inter-human dominance structure.

As far as Alex Jones himself, listening to the Beware the Jabberwock episode of public radio’s This American Life has caused me to view whatever Jones says and does with great suspicion. I think Alex Jones is not telling the truth very often.

The phrase “Knowledge Fight” is a modification of “Info Wars”, which I had to have explained to me in simple words.