Insightful Meme

insightful internet meme

Unlike a lot of memes that are merely ironic, this one has a lot of truth to it.

I work in IT. I do not have a video doorbell, Bluetooth-enabled lighting, my wireless routers run OpenWRT. My thermostat is not connected to anything else. I have a server Linux machine in the basement that routes to the Internet, and aggressively blocks advertising sites via DNS. I update it weekly, and I read the log files. Occasionally I have joked about things like hands-free soap dispensers attaining sentience and joining the Robot Rebellion.

I used to have an HP1606dn printer that I got 3rd hand, when a non-profit (that had gotten it as a donation) no longer wanted it. It was released April 1, 2010. I recently bought a Kyocera P2235dw because it didn’t do wireless, was a laser printer, not an ink jet, was not manufactured by HP, and promised not to update itself over the network. I listen to the noises it makes suspiciously, but I do not own guns. I keep a 5 lb sledgehammer around instead.