Water Distiller Cleaner

I can almost understand this label.

still cleaning product label

  1. filled (hot) water into the stainless steel tank till slightly higher than the stain surface.
  2. Pour in one to four tablespoons cleaning agent (depend on how much stain in the tank) into the tank.
  3. Do not cover the lid, plug in the main power, the stainless steel tanks starts to be heated.
  4. After 15-30 minutes, pour out the water, rinse the inner tank with clean water.
  5. If the stain cannot be removed by one time, please repeat the above procedure.
  6. The residual of stain is no harm to health, it can be rest assured use.

That’s the cleaner potion bottle label from a “CO-Z 4L Brushed Stainless Steel Countertop Distiller Machine”. I think the potion is just citric acid.

The CO-Z 4L still’s inner tank does accumulate scale and other obvious impurities when I run it with tap water. I put white vinegar in the tank after every 5 or 6 distilling runs, and wash it out after 30 minutes of soaking.