Fallen World

Here’s convincing proof we live in a Fallen World.

semi-stripped screw head

That’s the head of a screw whose mates I extracted with a 3/16 inch Allen Wrench. The manufacturer of the chair I was disassembling didn’t have the good grace to choose a cap screw, just a dumb old regular screw with a shallow hexagonal hole in it. There was room in the assembled chair for proper cap screws. If it had been a cap screw, the hexagonal hole would have been deep enough to not get stripped. That’s dumb, cheap and lazy, but probably not convincing anyone of the state of this world.

What tips it over to “Satan really does exist” territory is that I unscrewed the stripped 3/16 inch Allen head screw with a 5 mm Metric Allen wrench.

Because of rubbish like this, you have to buy both Imperial and Metric units Allen wrench sets. Get the ball-end kind, folks, they will save you some trouble.